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Fix various computer performance and privacy issues
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SweepTools PC Cleaner can help your computer run smoothly by fixing various problems that affect performance. Besides, the program preserves your privacy by deleting old and temporary data on your machine. In addition, it lets you uninstall unwanted applications. The tool has a nice and intuitive interface and most of the operations can be done in a couple of clicks, which makes it appropriate for all kinds of users. Luckily, the results of every scan are visually represented for you to have a clear view of the system state.

Most of the optimization is done by fixing registry errors. I was pleased to find that this software cannot only fix the errors found but also take care of fragmentation issues. If you feel that your computer is taking too long to boot, it is probably because there is an excessive number of startup entries. To correct this problem, you can use the tool’s startup optimizer, from which you can easily uncheck unneeded startup applications.

Junk data is another problem that affects computer speed and uses storage space needlessly. The tool can find those files and delete them without much effort on your part. Finally, it provides another way to regain disk space and make the whole system lighter, which is by uninstalling unrequired software. Unfortunately, this does not support batch uninstalling, a highly convenient feature.

To be frank, SweepTools PC Cleaner did not find as many issues as other similar programs I have tested recently; however, unlike them, the unpaid version actually lets me fix the problems, at least for a 15-day trial period. It is probable that my laptop did not have so many errors, so, the effects of the repairs were not so noticeable. In general, I liked that this program allows viewing details of the results at all times and even lets you add entries to the ignore list. Moreover, it creates restore points for every change it makes, so, you can easily go back to the former state effortlessly. What I did not like: it does not let you schedule regular cleanings and it has definitely less features than other tools of its type.

Pedro Castro
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  • Appropriate for all users
  • Registry repair and defragmentation
  • Startup manager
  • Junk data deletion


  • No batch uninstalling
  • No scan scheduling
  • Less features than other similar tools
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